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Houston Design Firms

I would like to let you know a bit about the design community in Houston, where I lived for seven years before I come to San Francisco. I am going to feature top ten Houston design firms and also mention how the professional Association for Design in Houston links design students to these companies and create potential job opportunities for them.

Here are some of the top design firms in Houston:

1. 808, Inc.
2. Adcetera
3. Always Creative
4. Axiom
5. Black Sheep
6. BrandExtract
7. CHI & Partners, Houston
8. Culture Pilot
9. DG Studio
10. Herring Design

Every year right after design students graduate, the professional Association for Design in Houston arranges a wonderful networking event called “AIGA Portfolio Review” where graduates can present their portfolios and talk to a variety of Houston design firms. This is truly an amazing opportunity and really well planned-out for students. Many people make valuable connections and find their dream jobs in a design firm at this event.

I had the opportunity to work for two of the Houston design firms including Versa Creative Group and Unleaded Communications, which both had a wide variety of marketing and advertising projects in their portfolios.